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Administrative Department: Department of Women Empowerment Contact Information for WED, Rajasthan
Department of Women Empowerment  Directorate of Women Empowerment (W.E.)
Jhalana Institutional Area, Jaipur
Phone No: 0141-5196303

Lal Kothi, Gandhi Nagar mode, Tonk Road,Jaipur,Rajasthan, 302015
Tel: 0141-2779001-4
Fax: 01412779002
E-mail ID:

S.No. DesignationName of the OfficerOffice No.Fax No.
1 Chairperson Smt. Rehana Reyaz Chisti 0141-2779001 0141-2779002
2 Member Smt. Suman Yadav 0141-2779001 0141-2779002
3 Member Smt. Anjana Meghwal 0141-2779002
4 Member Smt. Sumitra Jain 0141-2779002
5 Member Secretary Sh. Kamal Singh Yadav 0141-2779002
6 Deupty Secretary sh. Kamal singh yadav (Additional charge of MS) 0141-2779002
7 Registrar Cum OSD Smt. Brij Madhuri Sharma 0141-2779003
8 Additional SP Smt. Mitali Garg 0141-2779002
9 Assistant Account Officer GR-2 Sh. Anandi Lal Raiger 0141-2779002
10 Stenographer Sh. Mahesh Paliwal 0141-2779002
11 Informatic Assistant Smt.Radhika Tiwari 0141-2779002
12 Jounier Assistant Sh. Naresh Bhardwaj 0141-2779002
13 Jounier Assistant Sh. Pankaj Vyas 0141-2779002
14 Jounier Assistant Sh. Rajkumar Sharma 0141-2779002
15 Jounier Assistant Sh. Lalit Bisht 0141-2779002
16 Jounier Assistant Mr. Rajdeep Gothwal 0141-2779002
17 Jounier Assistant Sh. Jagdish prasad (Contract)
18 Jounier Assistant Sh. Ramlal verma (Contract)
19 Senior Assistant Sh. surendra Taggar (contract)
20 Senior Assistant Sh. Madan Mohan Tiwari (Contract)
21 Fourth Class Sh . Atar Singh
22 Fourth Class Sh. Sitaram
23 Fourth Class Mr. Raghunandan
24 Fourth Class Mr. Rajendara Kumar
25 Fourth Class Mr. Abdul Hamid
26 Fourth Class Mr. Chotelal Saini
27 Fourth Class Mr. Vishal Sharma
28 Fourth Class Sh. Gulab Chand Verma (Contract)