Public Hearing Cell

In order to get to the ground realities of social injustices perpetuated on women and to secure them speedy justice, the Commission organizes Public Hearing programmes for women on a regular basis at different places in the state. These district wise public hearings reach out to the doorstep of those women who are unable to approach the commission's office on their own. RSWC has organized these public hearings in all 33 districts of Rajsthan in past three years. Hundreds of women express their problems in front of commission and district administration. Commission gives directives to the higher district level officials to solve their problems as early as possible or even some time on the spot. Follow up of the directives for each cases is done at commission level by review meetings after 3 to 6 months in the concerned districts or by taking progress reports from related department.

RSWC takes action on various atrocities against women such as cruelty related to dowry, dowry deaths, domestic violence, sexual abuse, molestation, inequality in wages, denial of property rights, inheritance, health problems and system related negligence for women.

Despite Rajasthan Govt efforts to safeguard the interests of women, thousands of them still have been experiencing domestic violence that is deeply rooted in traditions and customs, which deny their equality with men. Majority of women keep silent and conceal their wounds and abuses for fear of their patriarchs. Police and authorities also ignore domestic violence and instead of defending these victims, torture and harass them.
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S.No. DistrictDate of Public HearingNo. of Cases
1 Barmer 06/02/2023 23
2 Bikaner 20/05/2022 20
3 Chittorgarh 14/11/2022 16
4 Churu 04/11/2022 6
5 Jaisalmer 07/02/2023 25
6 Pratapgarh 15/11/2022 1
7 Sirohi 14/07/2022 14
8 Udaipur 27/04/2022 13
9 Total Cases 118