Recognizing the need to support and rehabilitate women victim of difficult circumstances and to prevent their exploitation, the Rajasthan State Commission for Women (RSCW) provides temporary accommodation, rehabilitation, maintenance, counseling, vocational training and legal aid services to women rendered helpless dues to violence, family discord, social ostracism, prostitution, financial crisis, mental stress, natural calamities etc. The services offered by RSCW are aimed to act as a defense mechanism for women in peril and make them self reliant.

The Commission sends destitute and needy women to Short Stay Homes, Mahila Sadans and Balika Sadans. These rehabilitation homes are run by the Department of Social Justice & Empowerment of the Government of Rajasthan, or Central Social Welfare Board, Delhi.

RSCW provides emergency outreach services to distressed women who do not have any source of income or family and social support. Free shelter, food, medical care, counseling and legal aid are provided to such women forced to live in difficult circumstances. Skill development and vocational training is also provided to the beneficiaries to improve their employability and make them gainfully employable. The aim is to improve the life of destitute women so that they could become independent and live a dignified life.


We envision to provide institutional support framework to the women living in difficult circumstances without any family, economic or social support to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing as well as economic and social security. Such women should not be abandoned under any circumstances that could lead to their exploitation and desolation. Efforts would be made to make them self-reliant and live life with dignity and conviction.


  • To rehabilitate destitute women economically and emotionally.
  • To provide primary support for food, shelter, clothing and healthcare to women who do not have any family, social or independent financial support.
  • To make distressed women self-supporting and enable them to begin life afresh.
  • To serve as a support center for women in distress.
  • Beneficiaries:
  • Deserted women without any family and social support.
  • Women survivors of natural calamities rendered homeless without any means of subsistence.
  • Women victims of domestic violence, marital discord, divorced, crime, etc.
  • Women ousted from their families due to family discord and without any financial support.
  • Trafficked women rescued or runaways from brothels.
  • Women affected with HIV and AIDS.
  • Destitute girls below 18 years of age will be accommodated in Balika Sadans. Girls up to 18 years of age and boys up to 12 years of age will be allowed to stay with their mothers in the rehabilitation centers. Women above 60 years of age will be accommodated in Old Age Homes.

    Support Services:

    Vocational Training:

    Vocational training will be provided to the incumbents by the institutes recognized by the State Directorate General of Employment and Training. Training and examination fee will be reimbursed on the submission of certificate issued by the institute.

    Counseling: Counseling will be provided to the incumbents for emotional support and skills development programs.

    Healthcare: Healthcare facilities will be provided through local civil and government hospitals.

    Legal Assistance: Legal aid will be provided to the incumbents through District Legal Services Authority.