Special Courts


The Rajasthan Government appears to be keen on an early application of the provisions of the anti-corruption tool it has acquired through legislation -- the Rajasthan Special Courts Act, 2012, which facilitates the confiscation of ill-gotten properties of public servants -- passed in the Assembly this week. The Government had carried out the whole process of law-making and passing it in the Assembly in a record period of three months and now it proposes to get the legislation cleared by the President at the earliest.Earlier there were only two courts to hear the cases of atrocities against women in Jaipur & Kota. But from the financial year 2012-13, the Government has established five more such special courts in all the Divisional Headquarters. Besides this, seven courts have been established to hear cases related to PC&PNDT Act

Rajasthan Special Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2013