One of the basic aims of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women (RSCW) is to bring marginalized women into the mainstream. RSCW was set up a statutory body on May 15, 1999 under The Rajasthan State Commission for Women Act, 1999.


  • To redress the grievances of the suffering women across the State of Rajasthan.
  • To safeguard the interests of women across the State.
  • To review prevailing laws concerning women and to request the government to make amendments for women to get justice.
  • To recommend remedial legislative measures.
  • To advise the Government of Rajasthan on all Policy matters affecting women.
  • Detailed functions of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women are elaborated under Section 11 of the RSCW Act, 1999. A brief of these functions is provided below:

    Functions of RSCW:

  • To investigate and analyze all unjustified acts committed against women and to request the government to take action.
  • To take steps to make the existing laws more effective and ensure their implementation.
  • To review existing laws and recommend amendments.
  • To prevent any discrimination against women in state public services and state public enterprises.
  • To take steps to alleviate the condition of women by suggesting practical welfare schemes, appealing to the government to provide equal opportunities.
  • Appealing to the government to take strict action against any public servant found by the commission to be working against the interests of women.
  • To submit Annual/ Special Reports to Govt. with its recommendations.
  • Support Services:

    The commission offers following range of support services for the benefit of women:

    According to the Chief Minister’s Budget Announcement for 2012-13, a 24 X 7 Helpline has been established in the Commission for a speedy redressal of the grievances. It started on 6 August, 2012. Now this helpline upgraded to CM helpline 181which is situated in Women Commission premises.

    Complaints Cell: The commission sends directives to the state law enforcement agencies and administrative authorities based on factual reports against the complaints by women to provide relief and justice.

    Public Hearing Cell: The commission organizes public hearing programs in all 33 districts of Rajasthan state on regular intervals for the benefit of women who are unable to reach it due to some reasons.

    Gender Cell: The commission organizes seminars and workshops targeting youths for gender sensitization.

    Cognizance: The commission takes cognizance in the cases reported in print and electronic media related to atrocities on women.

    Inquiries: The commission sets enquires and takes follow up actions brought to its notice related to grievances of women.

    Rehabilitation: The commission runs rehabilitation programs for women in destitute to make them self reliant and start life afresh with dignity and conviction.

    Monitoring: The commission monitors the working of women’s homes, children’s homes, girls’ hostels and hospitals, and sends reports to the Government to improve their conditions.

    Online Complaints: Anybody can submit complaint related to women’s grievances in the online form available at the official website of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women.

    Mahila Salah and Suraksha Kendra (MSSK): 39 MSSK centers are run across the Rajasthan state by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to address the grievances of women victims.

    Zila Mahila Sahayata Samiti: These Samitis are in operation in all 33 districts of the state since 1997. The Samiti is chaired by the Zila Pramukh and the District Collector serves as its Vice-Chairperson.

    Mahila Desk: These desks are set up in all police stations of Rajasthan. Any woman can approach the desk for the redressal of grievances.

    Publications: The commission submits annual report / special report to the State Government who in turn places it before the legislature along with a memorandum of action taken or proposed to be taken.

    Right to Information (RTI): Any information related to Rajasthan State Commission for Women can be obtained from the Additional SP of the Commission as per the provisions of the RTI.

    Other Important Orders: Important orders for women empowerment are:

    (A) In any criminal case, only a policewoman can search a woman.

    (B) Medical examination of a woman can be done only by a lady doctor.

    (C) Mother’s name is to be written in birth certificates and school certificates along with father’s name.

    (D) Single woman can adopt a child.

    (E) 30% state government jobs and 50% seats in Panchayati Raj Institutions are reserved for women.